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Golem Network Airdrop

At Golem, we believe that tokens are most useful when they are as widely distributed as possible. In the case of a worldwide supercomputer, a wide distribution is also critically important for network security. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time, opportunity, and technical proficiency necessary to get into the earliest moments of a token generating event. How then can a given token find its way into more hands?

In GNT’s case, 7% has already been set aside from the total issuance, ready to be distributed by an automatic airdrop. That is, now every address on the Ethereum blockchain that has a balance over a minimum threshold of 0.1 ETH will receive a share of this 7% that is proportionate to their share of ETH.

For every 1 ETH that you hold, you can receive proportionate 390 GNT tokens as an airdrop. Existent GNT holders will also benefit from this airdrop, for every 1 GNT that you already have, you can receive 0.3 GNT.

Token sales do take significant value out of ETH, often (but not always) without giving much back; a number of token projects present this problem in a significant way. Even though Golem doesn’t, due to its unique economic construction, with this airdrop gesture we also wish to underline the topic of incentive alignment with the entire Ethereum community.

Through our history with Ethereum, we have done our best to encourage an approach of simultaneous generosity and conservativism. This approach has worked well for us, but it is by no means perfect for everyone. We acknowledge that many people who have wanted to be involved with our projects have been unable due to one reason or another.

Still, we believe that introducing to a few hundred thousand account holders decentralized sharing economy of computing power will ultimately make the network stronger, and we hope it will create interest in Golem and its underlying mechanisms as a new, complimentary construction to Ethereum.

Thank you for your attention,
Golem Team